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The Atlas Advantage

As a leading independent insurance management firm, Atlas Insurance Management focuses on creating innovative captive insurance strategies for all kinds of companies and on delivering superior personal service in all the domiciles in which we operate.

We work with risk managers, agents and consultants to develop relevant solutions for a broad spectrum of business challenges. Enthusiasm, depth of experience and consistent performance are hallmarks of Atlas’s captive management services.

Atlas is unhindered by either geographic limitation or industry focus. Our mission is to bring a unique combination of benefits to bear on the business plans of all we serve.

About Atlas Insurance



Atlas’ senior leadership possesses the requisite technical expertise to form, manage and grow all types of captives. To this base, we bring a full range of value-added services.

Strategic partners acquired through long association complement our core with special expertise, whether actuarial, tax advice, risk management or estate planning. Our services extend throughout the captive life cycle, including feasibility studies, formation, underwriting and loss control.


Atlas is independent and wholly owned by its senior management. Captive management is our primary business. Our independent ownership structure prevents any conflict of interest with commercial market providers. We are not beholden to any insurance company or broker.


The Atlas penchant for innovation goes hand in hand with a strong desire to achieve our clients’ business objectives. Superior drive has produced an ability to develop and implement creative approaches, design alternative market programs and suggest specific policy wordings using captives and protected cell companies.


Atlas’ senior managers are fully versed in the kind of expertise and personal attention to detail expected by today’s executives and consultants. We require a minimum of five years industry experience from our senior accountants, and at least ten years from senior management. Management teams are structured to provide the highest level of service for our clients.